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This story passes in a town called Trimak in the country of Kujasa. Trimak is a trading town that is built on the Limintis River. There are many farms nearby. Its people are virtuous and follows rules rigidly. However, as in all places, there are mischiefs causing problems. In this world there is no real magic, only sharlatans try to rip the people of their money.

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Kujasa is a large country that is in the middle of the earth, most of its lands are in south. Climate in the north is rainy and mostly warm. High mountains on south have snow and harsh winters but generally the country is located in a warm region. Kujasa uses government issued coins for trade. There are three types of coins: steel, copper (100 steel) and silver (10 copper). It is widely accepted that 2 copper per month is the least a person can survive, where as people have income of 10 silver or more can be considered as rich. In Kujasa, government employs the use of medals of merits. These medals can be used to acquire land from the government (for a life-time). When hiring, government requires medals in some positions. The laws in the country are strict, even the emperor is bound by the laws.


The town of Trimak is located north-east of the country, close the center. The trading route connecting severals cities to the capital passes from the town. It is built in year 124 by the Kujasa commander Hatrok Kandaro after he razed the temple of the cursed. This temple was shaped like a star and the town is named after this fact, trimak means star in the old language. Only few people knows this fact (herbalist and the governor). The town has been pillaged by the Quashi barbarians in year 286. After this event, the city is walled and fortified with towers. The war against Quashi tribes continued until the Kujasa emperor send the word that he is moving the army to solve the issue (year 457). Quashi tribe accepted to join Kujasa and their cheiftain became the governor. Over the years, trading with others made Quashi tribe warmer towards strangers. Today, Quashi and Trimak have good relations.

The Temple of Five Gods

The story is about rebuilding The Temple of Five Gods, which has been razed around 850 years ago. This main quest is not apparent, instead events will start to happen as the player plays the game. A group of monks, called Pilgrims of the Five, tries to rebuild the temple. For this task, they aquire the properties that are located on top of the towers of the temple. Their task is to be as discreet as possible. Although they are peaceful, in case of need, they will not hesitate to kill. The monks have very basic spell casting abilities. However, if the temple is rebuilt, they will have vast powers. The pilgrims have to acquire necessary artifacts and architectural plans to rebuild the temple. Also several items that are already built should be transferred to the city.


Like many other large towns, there are many rumors in Trimak. The following is the probably table (cumulative for 100 sided die). Rumors are there to add suspense to the true nature of the game. There is only %2 chance for someone to actually speak of the main event. # T/F Prob Name 01 T 10 Vampire 02 F 14 Blood grapes 03 T 22 Vice governor 04 F 30 Governor 05 F 35 Love of the teacher 06 T 38 Coven 07 F 44 Another Coven 08 F 55 The immortals 09 T 60 Secret treasure 10 T 65 Deadly experiment 11 T 67 The temple 12 T 70 Herbalist 13 F 80 Spirit of the forest 14 T 85 Source of the river 15 F 90 Man-eating fish 16 T 94 Poisonous plants 17 F 100 Drug dealers 01 There are rumors about a vampire living in the town. ## The vampire has been in the town for over a thousand years and slumbering since the destruction of the temple. Vampire lives in the cellar of Hetri. {See quest ... for details} 02 The grapes of the Aviara City is told to be the tears of a vampire. Some also suggests that a vampire has first grown those grapes, giving life to this rumor. 03 It is speculated that the vice governor is dealing with slave traders (highly illegal). However, there are no evidence for the deed. 04 It is rumored that the governor is dealing with smugglers and/or slave traders. It is also been suggested that this is the cause for criminals running free. 05 It is rumored that a teacher has sacrificed herself for her love. People say that her spirit roams around the town protecting lovers. 06 Some people say that there is a secret coven deep within the forest. The members of this coven tries to apply the knowledge they gain from the arcane books. Some people suggests that they can cast spells. ## These witches caused many deaths over the years. They are not successful at casting magic, however, if temple is rebuild, they will be able to cast simple spells with limited success. 07 It is rumored that there is a place that witches meet in a cave near the river. They say that these witches trick and kill the travelers and experiment on their bodies. 08 There is a rumor that a group of immortals live in ruins to the south close to the river. 09 It is rumored that a certain senior citizen has a treasure buried. ## {See quest ... for details} 10 It is said that a group of witches tries an experiment to control people. ## The aim of the experiment is to kill the person to be controlled and raise his corpse to life, so that it can be controlled. This experiment will partially (the raised person will act like a zombie not a person) succeed if the temple is rebuild. 11 It is rumored that there was a temple in the place of the town and had wondrous powers. 12 People say that the herbalist is a member of the sect called the Final Revenge. ## In fact she is a member of Pilgrims of the Five. 13 Some say that the forest has a soul. Even some says that animals are the ghosts of the dead. 14 People talk about a secret cave that contains the treasure of pirates. ## No one really knows the exact location, however, as per rumors suggests cave is close to the source of the river. {its very logical not to include this as an adventure, since it will increase the size of the map greatly} 15 It is said that there are fishes that eats human flesh in some parts of the river. 16 There are rumors about poisonous plants growing in the north and criminals uses them for their illicit purposes. 17 It is rumored that there is a gang that deals with drugs. Some even suggest that governor and/or his vice are involved.

1. Courthouse

  1. Mission - Revenge: The Hai family (1N) sued Tarre family (0.5NE, farm) over a land dispute and lost the trial. They want to have revenge by stealing Tarre family's portrait. Rewards: 40steel, 400xp, -2 goodness, 0 fame
  2. Mission - Murder: There had been a murder a house on the north most road (8th building from the start of the road). The lady of the house has been stagnated by a pillow. The murderer is unknown. They believe that the lord of the house has been sedated by adding a sedative to his drink. There is a reward to anyone who finds out the murderer. Reward: Medal of merit, 500xp, +1, +4
  3. Mission - Arrest the murderer: This mission is related with mission #2. There has been a murder by Tou-ta (lives in Avira). However, this person had fled. There is a bounty on his head. Reward: 1copper, 450xp, +1, +2
  4. Mission - Robber: There is a robber that is active on the South of Trimak and a bounty has been set to capture him. Reward: Medal of merit, 700xp, +1, +3
  5. Mission - Slave traders: A group of slavers has been captured. However, their leader is still unknown. Whoever brings the proof of who the leader is will be rewarded. Reward: Medal of merit, 1200xp, +1, +5
  6. Job - Guard: 40steel/day, requires a Medal of merit
  1. The painting is the 4th room (I cannot find the map). Main entrance is locked (3). Rooms 2, 5, 6 are bedrooms, 7 kitchen. The door of the 4th room is locked (17). There is a trap triggered by removing the painting. There is 1silver worth of items in 2nd room.
  2. The murderer is the cousin of the family, named Tou-ta. The reason for the murder is Tou-ta thinks his father has been murdered by husband.
  3. Tou-ta is hiding in a forest house 3km NNW of Aviara. %20 he would be at home in day time. Always there at nights. He is a level 5 rouge. The house contains 30steel, 10steel worth of items, a +2 dagger and an axe.
  4. They are in south road, 2nd house. 4 thieves (level 1-3). Loot: 2.5copper various items, two daggers +1, -1. There is a treasure chest containing 1silver, and 10silver worth of goods
  5. The leader is vice governor. There letters that can be proof locked (22) in his desk along with jewels and coins that worths 50silver. With some evidance, people that have at least +10/20 (lawful/fame) and a medal of merit may request to investigate his room. It is possible to steal the letters but the main door is locked (30) and there are guards (level 5) at night. There might be messangers that can be interrupted to obtain letters.

2. School

  1. Job - Teacher: They are looking for knowledgable and trustworthy workers.

3. Town hall

  1. Mission - Missing tablet: A tablet that has been inscribed by the founders of the city went missing. It should be found with in secrecy. Reward: 1cooper, 25steel. 1100xp
  2. Job - Servant: 25steel/day, good chance to investigate town hall hear roumors and events.
  3. Job - Mailman: Payment is made per letter, looking for trustworthy people
  1. The tablet is locked (11) in the closet of vice governor. One of the servants stole the tablet for him. The aim of the act is to frame the governor for smuggling and slave trading.

5. The Inn

The only inn in the town is called Dustshire Inn and Valisyev is its owner.
  1. Rumor - The Lost Treasure: Told by an old imposter, Hirkar. House Gorbant (a powerful family destructed in 900s) hid their wealth in their family vaults once they understood end approaches for them. The youngest member of the family disappeared one day before the massacre and changed his identity. According to rumors, his descendants know the location of their family vaults. However, they are waiting and gathering their strength before they reclaim the name and wealth of their family. Old man, Hirkar, claims he knows the location of vault and he's willing to share this secret for 1copper. Only thing he will share is, however, just an old map.
  2. Mission - The Cellar of House Hetri: The Cellar of House Hetri is invaded by giant insects. They request bugs to be exterminated. Insects are giant however their poison is weak. The Cellar is filled with wine.
  3. Job - Escort: An escort band (composed of 3-4 members) is required for protection of a caravan. The payment will be made once the task is done. Only the most credibles will be selected.
  1. He's a runner. He's never married nor found his family vaults. The map is not fake but it's hard to read. He would tell you about the map if you buy him enough drink to be drunk.
  2. The cellar entrance is located in the kitchen. The door is locked and it's important to keep it that way, otherwise, insect threat can spread. The chest of insects (s2) is their weak spot. There are five insects and their queen (not poisonous but can spit acid) inside the cellar. There is also a hidden (32) tomb, tomb of a vampire sleeping for centuries. The vampire will not recover immedietely, however, he will eventually recover and hunt at nights once the room is intruded.
Vendor Service/good Price (steel) Food 5 Ale 3 Wine 12 Whiskey 9 Barn 7 Room 4, 12, 26

6. The Bank

  1. Job - Guard: Guards for caravans carrying valuable jewels is needed. At least one medal of merit is required for this job. Wage: 1copper/day

7. The Bakery

  1. Quest - Threathen: The miller (farm 5km SSE) increased cost of his services dramatically. The baker wants him to be threatened. Reward: 20steel, 280xp
  2. Flour and sugar: The baker wants to buy flour and sugar. He's willing to pay 3steel/kg for flour and 10steel/kg for sugar.
  3. Job - Apprentice: 15steel/day
  4. Event - Sale: After some time in game, A man will seek to buy the bakery. The baker is not willing to sell it, however, the offer is very good. He will ask for advice to the player character working in bakery. The bakery will shut down if he sells it.
Vendor Service/good Price (steel) Bread 1, 3 Cookies 40/kg Pie 18

8. Grocery

  1. Job - Assistant: 20steel/day
  2. Trade - Fruits: The grocer is low on fruit stocks. He's interested in fruit trade. He's willing to pay 15steel/kg for apple, 17steel/kg for orange, 12steel/kg for plum, 45steel/kg for melon, 25steel/kg for pear.
  3. Trade - Nuts: He wants to start selling nuts if finds a reasonable offer. He's willing to pay 40steel/kg for peanut, 2silver/kg for hazelnuts, 70steel/kg for chestnut.
Vendor Service/good Price (steel/kg) Tomato, potato 7 Squash, eggplant 8 Greens 25 Apple 25 Orange 22 Plum 25 Melon 60


The tavern in town is called night dream and is owned by a Quashi named Krato. Krato is the son of a Quashi trader who built this tavern 20 years ago for his son. There is music at nights and tavern enjoys customers both from locals, Quashi folk and traders.
  1. Mission - Run away: A man called Luntar is in love with a Quashi lady, Ulinke, who lives with her family Tuehen (60m North of Quashi gate). However, according to Quashi traditions, older siblings should be married first and an older sister of Ulinke has no intension of marrying. Ulinke and Luntar wants to run away and he is searching for help. It won't be easy for him to do this request. Lưntar's family approves this incident and will reward any one helps them. Reward: 2copper, tiny bag of gems, 100xp.
  2. Mission - Wolves: The quary in 1.5km north of Quashi has been attacked by the wolves. The owner of the quarry, Tabrou, will reward the people who kills the pack. Reward: 3copper, 800xp
  1. Tuehen family estate is not protected and this would be an easy mission. However, if the older sister is to be followed, she is to be found with a group of witches in the wild. If the player proves this fact, she will be executed as per Quashi customs. The family will be sad about the event, but being strong willed Quashi folk, they would be happy that the justice is served. By the death of her older sister, Ulinke will be able to marry after event cools down. If the second method is used, player will be paid 2copper by Quashi governor and gain 500xp.
  2. The wolf pack has 40-50 wolves. They can be skinned for trade. Tabrou can be convinced to pay 1 more copper if the player insists

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